How to Mobilize Your Audience on Social Networks ?

Mobile Internet keeps exploding and there is no guess that tablet and smartphone usage is gonna stay awake for the next ten years. Users find smartphones and tablets as legitimate alternatives to laptops and desktops, when accompanied by an excellent internet speed and application performance. With enough audience size, these devices are definitely capable of opening up quite a lot of untouched market for brands to engage social fans. Past Cyber Monday’s sales is an absolute example for this where the number of mobile phone visitors increased by 260% since 2010, which is six times the overall growth of sales. A recent study predicts that this year around 68% of smartphone owners are expected to use their handheld devices for holiday shopping.

Google, which conducted a study last September evaluated that mobile consumers increasingly comment about the poorly designed mobile web experience on their smartphone. The study stated that about 75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly website and nearly 96% say that they have been bumped by sites that are not clearly designed for mobile devices. The research eventually concluded up saying mobile friendly web experiences drive sales for any online store or site.

So, what have you planned with regard to the social component of your marketing campaigns, when it comes to mobile? Without a single thought, you would are ignored incorporating a delightful Facebook contest, sweepstakes, wish-list catalog, storytelling campaign, challenge quiz, or other social sharing campaign on Facebook. Such types of contests and campaigns are greatly engaging and bring in a lot of fan growth and viral sharing among the mobile fans. However, when fans click on your shared campaign links on their smartphone, they should feel like wanting to participate on it again and again. And else, if the link doesn’t work or the campaign is really boring, none of your fan is going to turn again. Listed below are some planning pointers that help you ensure that your Facebook social marketing campaign is mobile friendly.

Driving Mobile-Friendly Traffic

Driving traffic to your campaigns through traditional marketing channels and accommodating mobile fans with mobile friendly call to action links seems to be quite vital for any online business. Mobile friendly drivers can be attached to all your marketing messaging. Including QR codes and mobile smart hot links are also better options. If you are investing on Facebook for an amazing social campaign, consider promoting it wherever you can touch your fans. A social campaign launched on Facebook cannot be endorsed just by a copy/paste of the Facebook URL to the app. There should be a mobile-friendly ‘smart link’ that directs the visitors to the appropriate version of the campaign, whether they are a desktop user or a mobile user.

Flawless Mobile Experience

Assume how your social campaign appears to your mobile users. Are your mobile fans redirected to the same page your desktop fans are directed? Campaigns designed for a desktop computer does not suit for mobile users. It seems like there is no much difference between a point-and-click experience and a finger touch experience. But there are a lot of differences. A desktop workflow is not ideal for a mobile user who is always on-the-go. Mobile users wish to have an experience that is fast to load, easy to read, quick to interact with and asks for minimal type-in information. On using the right tools, you can easily deliver the same campaign to both desktop and mobile users.

Test the Mobile Experience

Ensure that each and every link you deliver to the consumer needs to be easily clicked by both mobile and desktop users. Tablet users are also no more an exception. Hence, when you share that link on your Facebook News Feed, first test it on a smartphone. Do not just do it on an iPhone; test them on Androids and Blackberry also. Moreover, test smart links and QR codes. They encourage mobile traffic from other marketing channels like print, product placement and signs.

Bottom Line

While you are investing too much into marketing campaigns, do not cut short your extra time and effort needed to include the review of the mobile experience. Make your investment necessary in order to make your campaigns mobile friendly and robust on mobile as well as desktop.

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