Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites – Which is Better?

Luckily, we have seen six generations of iPhones, five models of iPad, hundreds of android devices and thousands of other high-end mobile devices so far emerged in this era. Developers have turned off their way from static and desktop centric to responsive and mobile centric designs and modes. Mobile applications and mobile websites are both relatively young fields, which have taken stubborn places in today’s e-market. Creating mobile accessibility becomes an important criterion when it comes to ecommerce.

The Mobile commerce universe is becoming immensely big and studying the myths associated with the industry is relatively tough. While many ecommerce business owners are considering creating a mobile app, most others think of having a mobile website. However, individuals who show interests on both of them are quite rare. On one side it seems like creating a mobile app is the best option if you are running on multiple websites for your business. On the other end it seems like having a fully customized mobile website will work great. In this post we will discuss on the advantages of mobile apps and mobile websites, so that you will be able to easily choose the apt one for your ecommerce business.

Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are a step higher than mobile apps usability, says a recent survey conducted by Zmags. The survey reports that 4% of customers prefer to shop via a baranded mobile apps and 4% of them prefer to shop on a branded app on tablet. The survey also proved that nearly 14% of people prefer shopping via a website on a mobile while 8% of them prefer a website via a tablet. So, the thing is that mobile websites are preferred more on smartphones and tablets rather than mobile app on the same devices. But the matter is that only quality mobile websites can provide the same user experience as that of a mobile app. The only thing that concerns about mobile apps is that it requires download and another icon to be taking up space on the mobile desktop.

Another reason why mobile apps are least preferred when compared to mobile websites is that it requires extra marketing. Until and unless there is a promotional campaign, people will consider that your website doesn’t offer any mobile experience. Though the app is offered for free, there is only a least possibility that people will come across it without marketing efforts. There is yet another concern with mobile apps that make mobile websites even stronger is the platform under which the app needs to be created. Though most mobile phones are based on the android and iOS, creating extra versions will certainly require extra development time, effort and extra money.

Mobile Apps

Though mobile app implementation struggle some initial installation efforts, it seems that consumer comfort zone is quite promising with mobile apps. A recent study states that consumers are spending 127 minutes per day in mobile apps which indicates a 35% increase from last year. Likewise, desktop web usage has been dropped to 70 minutes per day. This clearly indicates that people are more comfortable in using mobile as a buying portal rather than as a product research tool. In addition to this, 50% of all smartphone users have used their phones to check prices right form being at the store and 66% of them change their minds after checking this.

On the one end, though if mobile apps based on ecommerce businesses are not used in common, apps that feature entertainment and games are used in major than mobile websites. A study by Flurry says that on an average, people spend 94 minutes every day on mobile applications per day compared to 72 minutes on mobile websites. Popular applications like Facebook and Twitter are leading the mobile users to the possibilities of using apps as well as websites. The best thing with mobile apps is it is able to make better use of hardware and can result in a much faster and powerful user experience.


Analysing the both, as far now mobile websites have more benefits when compared to apps for ecommerce. The mobile app market for ecommerce has still to grow, while mobile website field has already grown to some greater levels.

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