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Connect your existing store to iPhone and Android Mob eCommerce. It is hassle free as our documentation & Tech support team will guide you through the process until it is completed.


Your store appears on Apple appstore and Android market. Take advantage of millions of user base globally and increase the reach of you business.

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Inform your Store visitors about your iPhone and Android launch and track results analysis, historical data and trends using Google analytics.

Mob eCommerce Framework Architecture :

Mobile Ecommerce App Architecture

Blocks in Architecture

  1. Mobile Application
  2. Soap Server
  3. Connector
  4. Data Processor
  5. Library Files
  6. Server Configuration
  7. Your Web Store

Mobile Application

The Mobile Application is like User Interface for your web store, where the user can personalize the Application and Shop the products that has been published in the Web Store.

It is presently available in Android and iPhone (more to come in future). The Application user can search the product by keyword or forage category, filter the products by the price range and add the product cart, and then checkout the products in the cart. This is the basic functionality of the Mobile Application. The application is Authenticated using the Domain of the Web Store, so that the Store data is securely accessed.

Soap Server

The Soap Server is constructed using a WSDL. WSDL(Web Services Definition Language) is a document written in XML, which is used to describe the Web Services. The Method of using Soap Client is called as Web Service. The WSDL document specifies the location of the service and the operations (or methods) the service exposes. These Methods process the request and returns the response accordingly.

How does Soap Server connect with Mobile Application?

The Request from the Mobile Application is in the XML format. The Request is received by the soap server and it is processed to find the operation that is requested. The method/function is then connected using the Connector, which is the intermediate of Data Processor and Soap Server.

After the Request is being processed in the particular method, the Response is bound by WSDL, and a XML Response is sent to the Mobile Application.


The Connector is the intermediate between the Soap Server and the Data Processor. Basic Level Authentication is done in this Block. This is placed in the intermediate position and act as a middle-ware and bypasses the method request to the Data Processor.

The connector is used for Portability and Interoperability in the Mob eCommerce Framework.

How do Soap Server Connect with the Connector?

The Soap Server processes the Soap request and finds the operation being requested. The Parameters for the Operation is being fetched from the Request and send as a function call to the connector. Request can be in the format of Integer or String. The Connector connects with the Processor for processing the request and the response is send to soap server in JSON String format.

Data Processor

The Data Processor contains the Extended Method sand classes of the Framework being used in the Web Store. The Processor will use the API Web Service in some occasion to access/retrieve the data from Framework. The Data Processor changes for every Framework, but the Request and Response remains the same, only the Processing of data differs according to the Framework used.

The Data Processor being placed inside a folder named accordingly to the Framework used in the Web Store.

How do Connector Connects with the Data Processor?

The Connector bypasses the Function call to the Data Processor. The Request is a Mixed Values and the Response is of type JSON Sting. The response format is generalized for the all web stores being used. The Data Processor is class, so the methods and variable are being encapsulated. The Function is done only by the Object of the Data Processor class. The Secured Data Processing is done here.

Library Files

In this block the essential library used in the Mob eCommerce(ME) Framework are being stored. The Library files are globally accessed throughout the ME Framework.

Server Configuration

The Server Configurations are managed here.

Your Web Store

Mob eCommerce(ME) framework does not change anything in your Web store code. The ME Framework just accesses the data using extended Classes or using Web Service according to the Feasibility of the Framework used in the Web Store.

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